I love it when small business owners get the right online retail implementation that's customised for them and what they are doing with their businesses and that's what this service is all about. It's split into two parts:

Part 1: Discovery

When I've talked with business owners I've found the number one problem with most online retail projects attempted is that they rarely ever work the first time and they take three months longer to install and implement than they were supposed to, things are forgotten and everybody's ends up getting mad and frustrated at each other.

Our approach is to give you a clear implementation plan for your business in the online retail space. For $990 my team and I will complete a deep dive into your business, your business will be analysed for two days then we'll come back to you a week later with a report of recommendations on how online retail will be best implemented in your unique business.

Over the last 13+ years of our online retail journey I've found there's no such thing as a single box to tick that suits everyone and I'd love to work out the best solution to fit you and your plans for your business.

Part 2: Implementation

We can guarantee that after our discovery is complete & delivered and we believe we can help you* that you're also going to get a super accurate price for your next step which is Implementation. The $990 you paid for your customised plan will also count as a credit towards your Implementation purchase. You spend the $990 and you get a $990 credit. Generally implementation of a complete online retail strategy starts from $10,000 excluding external costs like eCommerce Platform, Merchant Facilities, Freight Accounts etc.

What you'll find unique is that with us doing your implementation we will guarantee that if our part is not done when we said it would be done or it's not done the way we said it would be, we will rebate 25% of the total cost of the project back to you. We deliver you a guarantee that your business will be selling online on time, on budget, everything!

* It's Possible That We May Not Be Able to Help You
If after completing and delivering your discovery recommendations we identify that maybe we're not the best fit for your business I'll be upfront and tell you. We never take on a new client just for the money, it will always be about whether in our hearts we believe that we're the best choice to help you succeed online.Your report and the set of recommendations will be valuable to you regardless of who you do business with though, even if you go with another vendor your plan will help you evaluate that vendor way better than before.

How to Begin:

Before I accept clients for Discovery I want to be sure there's a good fit and I can actually help you in your current situation. So if you’d like to apply for a Discovery session let's jump on the phone and have a chat. Send an email to with the subject line ‘Discovery’ and someone will be in touch to set up a 15 minute call with me.

Looking forward to our chat,


P.S. Maybe a complete solution isn't what you need, if you've already got a functioning online store and its not bringing in the sales that you think it should be perhaps you might benefit from having a look at our Online Retail Marketing for Small Business section here.