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1. 1 Hour Consulting Session with Peter.

Book an hour of online retail consulting with Peter for $330, solve a specific online retail problem you’re having or get something that's being bugging you for months implemented in your business.

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After you complete your order, you'll receive a questionnaire to help prepare for our session and someone will be in touch to schedule your time with Peter.


2. Rocket Consulting Session with Peter.

Rocket consulting sessions are aimed at rocketing you forward in your online retail journey.

The Rocket Consulting session is a private session with me that lasts 4 hours. You can bring along a key member of your staff, your business partner, your accountant (if you really must) or anyone else you think should be there along with you and me.

We’ll spend half a day together working through whatever you need.

We can talk about high level strategy, growth, systems, we can jump in and implement stuff, or we can do anything in between – you’ll get my undivided complete attention and 13+ years of experience applied directly to your business. 

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3. Online Retail Guy Private Client Group

Access is by application only and for retailers with annual sales of over $100k. 

You get exclusive access to me and my team, 13+ years of online retail experience applied directly to your business.

My undivided attention and focus to impact your sales, your personal income and your time.

  1. One full day (per year) with me at my office for you and your team members where we'll deep dive into your business identifying and selecting the best leverage points to grow your business.
  2. One 30-minute strategy session with me on the phone every month. You and I will agree on 2-5 action items for you to achieve each month.
  3. Exclusive access to my unlisted "Private Client Group" personal phone number. Call and you'll be on the phone with me within 48 hours.
  4. All online courses, training and live events we offer are available free for you and your staff to access and attend.
  5. All in-house developed software, utility apps and applicable internal training will be available free for you to implement in your business while you are member of private client group.
  6. A special surprise gift to commemorate your Membership in The Online Retail Guy Private Client Group.

I can take only 10 private client members at a time. For questions and application please email with subject line Private Client Group