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Get the Online Retail Help That's Right for You...

If you're a business owner in retail, are starting out online or even have a current online retail website, I help people like you build upon or get started, grow and make online retail work better in your business.

My mission is to make the world of online retail easier for you to understand, faster to implement and to be a true asset to your business.

Here are 3 ways I help business owners like you, people who are passionate about serving their customers whether it is in their local community, all around Australia and maybe perhaps even worldwide:

1. I Need Help, I've Tried Everything But None Of It Has Worked!!!

Need answers to an online retail problem you're facing? Maybe you've been asking yourself the question “Is this online shopping thing worth all this hassle? We should just shut this thing all down and save ourselves all these headaches!”

Maybe you've been hitting your head against a brick wall for a while and you're getting no-where. The problem or question you're right in the middle of is stopping you from moving forward in your business, it's costing you time, money, your sanity or probably all three.

High chances are my team and I have faced the problem you're experiencing right now and will be able to help you sort it all out.

If you're interested in working with me one-on-one and you're based in Australia please feel welcome to book an hour of online retail consulting, Click the 'Book Now' button below. 1 hour sessions cost $330 (inc GST).

After you complete your order you'll receive a questionnaire to help prepare for our session and someone will be in touch to schedule your time with Peter.


2. Online Retail Marketing That Works for Small Business.

“Is this marketing thing actually going to work?” – it's the question that I've always asked myself and maybe you've even asked yourself this too. The person selling Radio Ad space will always say its Radio, TV execs will say its TV, and newspapers will say you absolutely need to be in newspapers.

What about a completely unbiased approach to what works in online retail customised for your small business?

Interested in learning more? Visit our Online Retail Marketing for Small Business section here.

3. Complete Online Retail Strategy Design & Implementation

I love it when small business owners get the right online retail implementation that's customised for them and what they are doing with their businesses and that's what this service is all about.

Visit our Complete Online Retail Strategy Design & Implementation section here. 

About Peter

Peter And James MorrisonPeter Harback is a sci-fi geek, theme park thrill rider, husband, father of two, business guy and an electric guitar playing Tasmanian.

In 2002 after several years in Information Technology consulting he struck out into the wild wild west of online retailing launching his first online business selling miniature remote control cars and then moving on to create his main online retail business CoolThings Australia.

Fast forward to the year 2011 and Peter found himself stepping into a role helping other local businesses that had been sold online retail shops (lemons) that didn't work. Peter continues to help a limited number of businesses with online retail implementation and strategy. 

In 2016 he launched Online Retail Guy as a resource for small business owners wanting to improve their existing online retail business or get themselves online for the first time.